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Hi everyone and welcome to my website about hydroponics. As I´m getting started in hydroponics, I´m going to write about my progress and hopefully you will join me on my journey and we can all learn something incredible together and become experts in the field of hydroponics – the future of agriculture(in my opinion).

A little something about me

My name is Axel, I´m 26 years old and I´m from Estonia. So far I have very little experience in hydroponics or agriculture in general. I do have some pot plants in home, but they tend to shrivel up, since I barely remember to water them properly. Some have survived, but they´re probably living a life of agony because of my laziness.

Luckily that won’t be the case with hydroponic gardening, since its pretty much automatic and low-maintenance.

The reason I´m getting into hydroponics is because I´ve always been thinking about growing my own food because I like my food like I like my women –  clean, fresh and disease free (not too fresh).

I´m also interested in mechatronics, which I´ve learned in school and since hydroponics is basically the combination of the two then I thought that would be a perfect hobby for me and maybe someday a way to make a living.



Since I´m interested in growing my own food I went on the web to search about indoor gardens and I stumbled on hydroponics. There is a lot of great content out there, but I couldn’t find any cost-effective and simple ways to get started, and some people made such an easy thing sound so complicated. That is probably because they are so educated on this topic that they don´t even think about explaining the simple things that are easy for them to understand but might be complicated for beginners.

So I decided that I´ll just learn as I go since that is usually the best way to learn new things, through your own mistakes. And I thought to myself that there are probably a lot of people like me that just want a cheap and simple, step-by-step tutorial about hydroponics, not some over-complicated gibberish that doesn’t cover all the basis.

Basically I just want to show people how to get started in hydroponics and that anyone can grow clean, healthy, GMO and pesticide free food from the comfort of their own homes, all year round.


What is HobbyHydroponics about

The purpose of this website is to provide cost-effective and easy to follow step-by-step guide to hydroponic indoor gardening.

If you ever have any questions or just want to talk or criticize me feel free to comment below and I will be more than happy to read your comments and help you out if I can. Also, if you see any typing errors or weirdly constructed sentences or have any suggestions then please let me know. 😀

All the best,



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